Sheikh Azaad is the President of Atworkcanada Inc., a company in the forefront of developing and implementing programs to manage workplace disabilities, injuries and absenteeism.

Sheikh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (1989) and a Master of Arts degree (1991) from York University. He also holds a certificate in disability management from the National Institute of Disability Management & Research (NIDMAR).

Sheikh joined the Workers’ Compensation Board (Ontario) in 1989 as a claims adjudicator. During his employment with the Board, he held the position of Claims Adjudicator in the areas of initial and continuing entitlement and benefits; occupational noise induced hearing loss and health care benefits. In 1995 he was elected to the WCB Action Plan Committee, which made recommendations regarding training and development at the WCB to enhance services to employers and workers.

Sheikh joined Assure Health Management in 1995, where he was the manager of the Claims Management division. In 1998, Sheikh founded Atworkcanada with the aim of developing leading edge solutions for managing workplace disability and absenteeism, including innovative program design and proprietary disability management software.

Sheikh has a wide range of expertise in the area of disability studies, human resources/labour relations, workplace absenteeism, disability management, conflict resolution and WSIB case management. His expertise spans the corporate sector, private practice, non-profit public, insurance and educational organizations. Current clients include: Ontario March of Dimes, Community Living Toronto, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, The City of Vaughan and the Lakeridge Health Network Corporation.

Program Development:

  • Investigate today for a safer Tomorrow: Developing effective workplace accident/incident investigation to create safer workplaces
  • Structured Disability Management: Managing occupational and non-occupational workplace absenteeism
  • Supporting Our Employees at Work: Structured workplace attendance management
  • WSIB Claims Management: Early, safe and effective Return to Work solutions
  • Union Presence: Fostering a bi-partisan workplace culture to effectively implement return to work programs
  • Transferring to Schedule 2: Moving organizations from collective (NEER) to individual liability under the workers’ compensation system (Ontario)


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